MODIS Today: Credits

Terra and Aqua MODIS data for the MODIS Today website are acquired and processed at the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additional Terra MODIS data are acquired courtesy of the Center for Rapid Environmental Assessment and Terrain Evaluation at the University of New Mexico; the Remote Sensing Applications Center at the USDA Forest Service; the Center for Space Research at the University of Texas-Austin; and the Direct Readout Laboratory at NASA GSFC. Terra and Aqua MODIS data are obtained in real time via free and unrestricted direct broadcast courtesy of NASA.

Software for converting MODIS data from raw telemetry to calibrated radiances provided courtesy of the NASA MODIS Science Team, the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group, the NASA GSFC Direct Readout Laboratory, and the SSEC IMAPP Project.

The Terra and Aqua direct broadcast processing system at SSEC was designed and implemented by Liam Gumley, Kathy Strabala, Steve Dutcher, Jerry Robaidek, Rosie Spangler, Janean Hill, and Doug Ratcliff. The direct broadcast ground station at SSEC is a SeaSpace TeraScan 4.5 meter X-band system.

MODIS True Color Images created by Liam Gumley, in collaboration with Jacques Descloitres and Jeff Schmaltz (NASA Rapid Response).

Website design and implementation by Bill Bellon.

Google Earth tiling logic and KML generation by Amato Evan.

Funding for the MODIS Today website was provided by the NOAA Integrated Program Office (John Overton) and NASA Headquarters (Tsengdar Lee).

Last updated August 3, 2009.